Cheese blintzes topped with fresh blackberries.

Cheese blintzes

Serves 4-6 (makes about 18 blintzes)


For the batter
3 eggs  
1 cup skimmed milk 
1/2 teaspoon low sodium salt  
1 tablespoon rapeseed oil
3/4 cup plain flour  
Low fat vegetable oil spray for frying

For the filling 
2 cups drained low fat cottage cheese
1 egg yolk 
1/2 teaspoon low sodium salt  
1/2 teaspoon melted butter mixed with 1/2 teaspoon rapeseed or olive oil
2 tablespoons Splenda
1 teaspoon lemon juice


To make the filling

Beat the cheese, egg yolk, salt, butter and oil together in a small bowl. 

Add the Splenda and lemon juice. 

Set aside.  

To make the batter

Preheat oven to 200°C.

Beat the eggs, milk, salt and oil together in a large bowl. 

Sift in the flour.

Heat the vegetable oil spray in a nonstick six-inch skillet or crepe pan. 

Pour two tablespoons of the batter into the pan, tilting the pan so that the batter coats the bottom. Use just enough batter to make a very thin pancake. 

Let the bottom lightly brown, then carefully turn out onto  kitchen roll, browned side up. 

Make the rest of the pancakes. 

Spread one heaped tablespoon of the cheese filling along one side of the pancake.  
Turn opposite sides and roll up like a jelly roll. 

Bake in the oven until lightly browned.  
Serve with low fat crème fraîche, fat free Greek style yoghurt or sugar free jam.

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