Chicken pieces and vegetables in chicken broth soup.

Chicken soup

Makes about 4-5 pints of soup


1 soup chicken  
Chicken feet  
7 pints water 
2 onions  
2 teaspoons low sodium salt 
2 carrots  
8 stalks celery  
3 bay leaves 
2 sprigs dill  
6 sprigs parsley  


Clean the chicken and feet thoroughly. 

Put the chicken and feet in a deep pan or soup kettle and add the water and onions.  

Bring to a boil and cook over medium heat for 1 1/2 hours. 

Add the remaining ingredients. 

Cover and cook over low heat for another hour, or until the chicken is tender. 

Remove chicken and feet, and strain the soup.  
You can use the chicken (but not the feet) in other dishes or serve with the soup.

You can also add farfel, soup noodles, knaidlach, kreplach or hot mandlen to the soup.    

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