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Classes, clubs and continuing education

At this stage in your life, learning no longer has to be qualification bound; instead, it can be about the honest truth of discovery. Not so sure? Think about these three reasons why you should start learning again.

Three reasons to start learning again:

  1. You have the time! Challenge yourself and discover your untapped potential.
  2. Don’t lose your edge. Learning will keep you sharp, thinking clear and will improve your memory.
  3. Open up new channels to keep your mind active. Learning also keeps you socially engaged and will help you to meet people with similar interests.

If this route of discovery appeals to you, check the resources we've gathered on Classes and continuing education.

Keep in mind, there are other ways to expand your horizons outside the academic world. Suzanne Degges White said, "While wisdom may come with age, wellbeing will flourish if friends are in the picture too." With this in mind, whether it is bridge clubs, sporting activities, book clubs or trips away, it is important to build and maintain strong social connections with people as you get older.

Visit our list of Clubs and groups to find out new ways to expand your social horizons.

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