A bowl of matzoh ball soup is placed on a restaurant table where it is surrounded by pickles, cole slaw and challah bread.

Healthier traditional Jewish recipes

Most traditional Jewish food would struggle to be classed as healthy. So what is a balabusta to do when wanting to cook Jewish family favourites that are both delicious and healthy? Well, here at Jewish Care Interact, we have some answers.

In this section, you'll find yummy and healthier versions of traditional Jewish recipes for holidays and everyday meals.

Our focus is on simple, reduced fat, reduced salt and reduced sugar recipes that anyone can make and are easy to adapt for one or two people.

A bit about kosher food

Kosher foods are those that conform to kashrut, the Jewish dietary laws.

Kosher foods are divided into three categories—meat, dairy and pareve. Broadly speaking within kashrut, meat refers to all meats that are deemed kosher; dairy refers to all products derived from milk and pareve refers to pretty much everything else that is deemed kosher. All pareve foods are suitable to be eaten with both meat and dairy foods, but meat and dairy foods are not to be eaten together.

The rules of kashrut are quite complex. To find out more about the laws of kashrut and keeping kosher, please have a look at the Kosher Handbook on the Chabad website.


Our recipes are broken down into the three kashrut categories we've mentioned—meat, dairy and pareve. If you're kosher, this will make it easier for you to mix and match recipes appropriately. If not, it will just make a different kind of sense.

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