Close up profile of an elderly man with hearing aids, who looks off to the distance.

Hearing loss

From practical things like travelling alone to emotional things like maintaining your quality of life, living with hearing loss can be easier if you have a positive attitude and you’re connected to the right resources.

Hearing loss has an impact on more than 10 million people in the UK. Often called the invisible disability, hearing loss can create subtle—and not so subtle—changes to many aspects of your life.

In the broadest terms, hearing loss alters your ability to communicate easily and naturally. It also changes the way you enjoy music, chit chat with friends or answer the telephone—those little things you might take for granted. Hearing loss can happen gradually over time or suddenly overnight, and the difference between partial and total hearing loss is pretty clear.

Jewish Care Interact has gathered many resources here in order to help you adjust your lifestyle and manage your hearing loss with ease.

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