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Hearing loss: grants and benefits

As a hearing impaired person in the UK, you may have access to certain state benefits. For an overview of benefits that may apply to you, your family member or carer, check out the Benefits and Services page on the Action on Hearing Loss website.

The following resources can also point you in the right direction:

Citizens Advice. This organisation offers benefits advice to people who live throughout the UK.

Disability Rights UK. The Disability Rights UK Factsheet F13 is an interactive tool that will determine what support you can receive. This company has information about support available to people with hearing loss.

Hearing Link. Use this website to find information on rights and benefits for people with hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Advice. Find out about state benefits associated with occupational hearing loss.

NHS Choices. Get information on how to register as deaf and sign up for other benefits.

Nottinghamshire Deaf Society. This charity assists Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County deaf residents if they have questions about welfare benefits.

PeopleFirst. While this organisation is designed to support residents in certain parts of London, it has helpful information for anyone looking for general information about benefits.

Royal British Legion. The Royal British Legion assists with the specific benefits available to its beneficiaries.

Royal British Legion Scotland. Offering free advice and representation, this organisation can help members in Scotland.

Sense. This organisation has information about social care, education and benefits for people who experience deafblindness.

Society for the Education of the Deaf. This charity offers grants for BSL courses Level 3 and upwards or similar educational courses for hearing impaired students in Scotland.

Turn2us. The Turn2us Grant Search tool can help uncover grants or other types of help.

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