Hearing loss: local charities

Local hearing loss charities provide services in specific regions of the UK.

Action for Deafness. Action for Deafness provides advice, support, information and services to enable people with hearing loss to lead independent lives. The organisation is core funded by West Sussex County Council and works in partnership with many other local and national organisations.

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. The Sensory Support Team provides social work, technical aid and rehabilitation for service users with hearing loss, sight loss or dual sensory loss from age 18 upwards living in Belfast.

BID Services. The mission of this organisation is to provide a range of specialist support services and opportunities for people with hearing loss throughout Birmingham, Cumbria, Doncaster, County Durham, Kirklees, Milton Keynes, Leeds, Lincolnshire, Sandwell, Solihull, Staffordshire, Walsall and Warwickshire.

Cambridgeshire Deaf Association. Cambridgeshire Deaf Association supports the welfare and interests of deaf people living in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Cambridgeshire Hearing Help. Cambridgeshire Hearing Help is a charity for people with hearing loss; the organisation’s mission is to reduce the impact of hearing loss on daily lives.

Deaf Action. Deaf Action is working for an equal and better future for people with hearing loss throughout Scotland.

Deafness Support Network. Deafness Support Network is the service provider organisation for people with hearing loss in the county of Cheshire and the surrounding areas. These services are delivered under contract for Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, along with providing support in Flintshire Councils.

Durham Deafened Support. This organisation supports people with hearing loss who live in and around counties Durham and Darlington.

East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre. The East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre is a registered charity aiming to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss who are living in East Sussex.

Lothian Deaf Counselling Service. This organisation provides free one-to-one counselling to adults who have experienced hearing loss and live in Edinburgh or Lothian.

Norfolk Deaf Association. This group supports people with hearing loss in Norfolk by providing hearing aid maintenance, advice on assistive listening devices and communication methods and support and information on hearing loss and other related conditions.

North Regional Association for Sensory Support. The North Regional Association for Sensory Support represents the interest of people with hearing loss or significant sensory loss throughout the region.

Nottinghamshire Deaf Society. The goal of this group is to improve the social inclusion and wellbeing of deaf people across the East Midlands.

Scottish Council on Deafness. The Scottish Council on Deafness is the voice for people with deafness in Scotland. It works with the voluntary sector, social work and education departments, NHS Trusts, health boards and the government.

Sensing Change. Sensing Change works with people in and around Suffolk who have sight and/or hearing loss.

Wales Council for Deaf People. The aim of the Council is to support all activities of benefit to people with hearing loss in Wales, with the object of enabling these people to lead fuller and more independent lives.

West Norfolk Deaf Association. The West Norfolk Deaf Association supports hard of hearing people in the region so they can live independent lives.

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