Judaica (clockwise from top): Shabbat candlesticks, handwashing cup, Chumash and Tanakh, Torah pointer, shofar and etrog box.

Jewish life and culture

Jewish life is about more than just faith. It's about culture, friends, family, food and community, and importantly, it's about participating in the cultural life of your community. It's also about navigating through the different life stages whilst staying close to your Jewish roots and maintaining the traditions that you love.  

Here at Jewish Care Interact, we've got plenty for you to explore and discover. Learn about Jewish festivals, find healthier alternatives to traditional Jewish recipes, laugh at Jewish jokes and discover the Jewish ways around life events like bereavement and divorce. 

You can also enjoy Jewish activities, from creating noise makers for the family at Purim to making personalised Rosh Hashanah greeting cards. For a great intergenerational activity, visit our reminiscence room, which has lots to spark memories and get the conversation going.