A woman shows an older man how to use a computer.

Lifelong learning and practical skills

Lifelong learning is a great way to acquire new skills, keep engaged and challenge yourself during your later years. Now is the time to pursue those areas of study that really spark your interest.

Desktop computers, tablets and smartphones have much to offer. With a click of a few buttons or by swiping your screen, you can communicate with family and friends by text and video conference, find out the latest news, do the weekly shop and pursue favourite pastimes while discovering new ones. It's easy once you get to know how today's technology works.

As you begin to think about retirement and the lifestyle changes that might follow, you may need to adjust the way you look after your money. But at least you'll have the time to be more involved in the experience, should you be so inclined.

Best of all, you can simply learn for the sake of learning. Learn to develop and grow. Learn to challenge yourself and push your boundaries.

Jewish Care Interact is here to recharge your intellectual curiosity, but don't worry—there won't be any exams!

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