An older woman in a wheelchair smiles as she chats with a young girl.

Making conversation

When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation? You know the kind—a discussion that leaves you feeling close to a person through sharing experiences or learning something new and interesting. 

The best conversations are usually the ones that get you thinking and make you feel connected. And if you want to build deep, meaningful relationships (especially with people of all ages and backgrounds), a good chat can be a great way to start.  

How to get the conversation started 

One of the best ways to connect through discussion is to go beyond simple small talk. If you want to take the conversation to a deeper level, you can frame your question in a certain way. For example, instead of saying “How was your day?” try something like “What did you do today?”

By changing your question slightly, you're inviting the other person to offer more in-depth information that could lead to other discussions. You might find out that they missed their bus, which made them furious. Or maybe you’ll learn that they did well on a project, and this made them proud.

From this information alone you could discover something more personal, and in return, you can exchange information of your own. Maybe you despise public transport, so you’ll have this in common. Or perhaps you’ll find out the successful project was something you think is interesting too. Sometimes all it takes is a little tweak to your approach and how you ask a question.

Need some more inspiration? 

Here are a few topics that might help you on your way to interesting conversations. Try some of these discussion starters with friends, family members or carers.

  • Do you have a favourite memory? Would you share it with me?
  • Can you remember anything that was so funny you couldn’t stop laughing for ages? 
  • Who is your favourite sports personality, and why?  
  • What was the most memorable event you ever attended? What made it so memorable? 
  • What hobbies do you have? Can you describe them to me or even show me how to do them too?
  • Where do you like going with your friends? What do you do when you go there?
  • What sort of films do you like and why? Could we watch one of these together?
  • Tell me about your favourite Jewish festival; what do you like so much about it and how do you celebrate it? 
  • What’s your favourite Jewish food? Have you ever tried to make it yourself?
  • Have you ever been to Israel? If so, what did you think of it? 
  • If you go to religious services, how do you feel when you are there? Do you enjoy it?
  • Are you any good at telling jokes? Can you tell me one of your favourites?
  • Who are some of your favourite singers? Would you play me some of their music?
  • What’s your favourite dance move? Can you show me or teach me how to do it?
  • What were your favourite subjects at school? Do you still enjoy them or use any of the skills you learned? 
  • Were you ever on a sports team? What was one of the highlights for you?
  • Do you like animals? Do/did you have any pets? 

These topics might help you enrich your relationship and create endless possibilities for the future. Good luck, and happy chatting!

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