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Memory loss and dementia: grants and benefits

As someone living with or supporting a person with memory loss or dementia in the UK, you may have access to certain state benefits and/or other grants. Here is a list of websites which can help you find out how to claim the benefits available to you.

Age UK. While Age UK is always a good source for general information on ageing, it also has an extremely helpful explanation of Benefits and Entitlements that explains each benefit.  

Alzheimer's Society. This site has information that looks at paying for things like housing and retirement along with care and support. 

Alzheimer Scotland. The Money and legal issues section of the site breaks down financial matters and includes some helpful guides.

Citizens Advice. This site offers a comprehensive explanation of different relevant benefits and includes links to calculators and other practical tools.

Citizens Advice Scotland. For residents of Scotland, this site is helpful if you want to gather information on all kinds of benefits.

DementiaUK. Providing an A to Z guide, this page looks at options to help you find out about your benefits and explains different types of financial help that you can get for dementia care.

GOV.UK. The carers and disability benefits section of the GOV.UK site provides comprehensive and reliable information regarding state benefits.

NHS. If you want an in depth overview of dementia, social services and the NHS, this dementia guide will give you a good place to start.

nidirect government services. The benefits adviser includes a calculator for claiming benefits and getting other anyonymous advice if you live in Northern Ireland. 

Turn2us. With its different tools and calculators, this site can help you find benefits and grants. These allow you to check your entitlements quickly and easily. There is also a grant search tool, which can answer all your questions regarding eligibility and the application process. You can even filter results on both tools based on specific criteria, including religion, health condition, nationality, occupation, family situation or other issues. The Alzheimer's and welfare benefits section of the site may be especially helpful if you have Alzheimer's disease.

Unforgettable. What benefits are there available for dementia care gives a helpful explanation of the different benefits.

Young Dementia UK. The Benefits section of this website lists state benefits and grants that may apply to you, your family member or carer. 

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