Mental health issues

Living with a mental health condition isn't easy, as it can affect every aspect of your daily life. Most people who experience mental health issues are able to lead full, meaningful lives. Here at Jewish Care Interact, we provide practical information and advice to help you take care of yourself and get the most out of life.

Some people with mental health issues can recover fully from their illness. Others adapt by finding different approaches to wellbeing. Whatever your situation may be, taking good care of all aspects of your wellbeing is vital, and finding the balance between mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing is key.

To request information about--or support for--mental health and the Jewish community, contact Jami.

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Find out how to manage and maintain good relationships with others when living with a mental health condition.
If you are in work and need some advice or support, we've got the resources for you.
When living with a mental health condition, having a restful sleep is vital. Find out how.
Online safety and security are important for everyone, and especially for people living with mental health issues.