Physical disabilities

Living with a physical disability presents a variety of daily challenges. Here at Jewish Care Interact, we want to help you identify those difficulties and help you build practical solutions to help you maintain your independence at home, at work, at school and out and about.

There are many options that can make life easier for you and help promote your wellbeing and safety while supporting everyday tasks and activities such as taking baths, cooking meals, walking safely, socialising with friends and participating in hobbies. With the right adaptations, facilities and support, you can continue to live a full and independent life. However, we know staying on top of things can be a little confusing at times.

What works for you? Where do you buy the right equipment? How do you know if a supplier is trustworthy? We get it; it is overwhelming. And whether the information is for you or someone you know, there is no need to fret; we at Jewish Care Interact are here to help. 

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If you have a physical disability, get the support you need to get into the university of your choice.
Assistive or adaptive technology can provide enormous freedom and opportunities in all aspects of daily life.
The UK rail network is really comprehensive and offers great services for people with physical disabilities to travel all around the country.
Making adaptations to your own home to accommodate a physical disability can make all the difference. Find out how.