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Taking part in an activity can help individuals realise potential, improve self-esteem and reduce loneliness. A fun and social activity to enjoy at any time, quizzes help keep the mind sharp, enhance cognitive function and can even improve memory.

So how would you like to challenge your mind with our selection of Jewish-themed quizzes? You can complete them alone or have fun with them as part of a group activity—explore a wide range of topics, too!

Whether you want to test your knowledge on Jewish family life, traditions, practices and customs or perhaps just review a few of your favourite Jewish foods…we are sure to have something for you.

Let’s improve mental performance and brain train!

Ready? Set? Go!

Quiz 1: Getting to know

Quiz 2: Israel

Quiz 3: Family life

Quiz 4: Jewish food

Quiz 5: Jewish practices and customs

Quiz 6: General Jewish knowledge

These quizzes have been produced by Colin King, managing director of Education Quizzes. If you would like to add to our quiz portfolio, send an email to contact@jewishcareinteract.org or use the Contact us form.