Sight loss: condition related charities

Condition related charities focus on specific eye conditions or groups of eye conditions for people throughout the UK.

Albinism Fellowship. The Albinism Fellowship provides advice and support for people with Albinism.

International Glaucoma Association (IGA). The IGA supports people with Glaucoma. It also educates around early intervention and prevention of the condition.

The Macular Society. The Macular Society provides support for anyone who has any form of macular disease.

Nystagmus Network. The Nystagmus Network is run by people with Nystagmus to support others with the condition.

RP Fighting Blindness. RP Fighting Blindness supports people with Retinitis Pigmentosa. It also funds research into the condition's treatment and cure.

Uveitis Information Group. The Uveitis Information Group is run by volunteers with Uveitis to support others with the condition.

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